#shoplocal Day 24, Younique by Riki

Today the focus is Christmas party ready.  Riki is my local Younique distributor and she’s got everything you need to enhance your beautiful face this holiday season.


If you read up on Couture Lash Extensions this week but you’re thinking it might not be for you, Younique is something you may be interested in trying instead.  They’re a beauty company that started out with their signature Moodstruck 3D fibre lash mascara and have now branched off into a few more staple cosmetics to highlight your daily routine.

IMG_0561This is a shot of me with bare lashes and me with the Moodstruck 3D lash mascara.  It’s a two step process that adds a fibre layer to your lashes between coats and lengthens them like crazy increasing your normal lash volume by up to 400%!  I have always had really good luck with it and give it a 5 star review all day long.  I got it in my stocking last year and I use it to add immediate impact to my eyes.

I’m not the only one that gave it an A+ on the first application either, the results are the same reason Riki got into this home business.

“I started selling Younique because I have ridiculously short lashes and the mascara adds so much length that I instantly loved the product.  Since then, I have been falling in love with a bunch of other amazing products. My favourites are the 3D+ mascara, obviously, but we also have a really great eyeliner, lip stain (I love that it is still on my lips at bedtime – I don’t feel so bland when I take the rest of my makeup off), Glorious Face & Eye Primer, Touch Mineral Foundation and Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel (it is a fiber gel so it helps fill in any areas that are sparse).”  

She is a wonderful gal who’s married to one of the funniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with which is how we met.  The two of them are one solid team and I’m so happy I could feature her and her work-at-home business today.

YouniqueChristmasIf you’re interested in checking out what Younique has to offer, look Riki up on Facebook or give her a call.  Her page has a lot of great reviews on all the products and I know she would be happy to meet up to talk in-person and answer any questions you may have about the mascara or making the business part of your life.  I can’t wait to chat with her about all the makeup that’s available now!

A NOTE TO MY READERS: I want to reiterate that every one of these shops and artists have been selected by me to participate in my #shoplocal campaign.  I am receiving NO GRATUITIES OR FREEBIES for these shout outs and want to keep it that way!  I love all these places and what they offer and am sharing them to make my readers lives easier and promote local shopping in my area. 


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