#shoplocal Day 8, Alberta Flyboard & Canadian Jetpack Adventures

Got a thrill-seeker on your Christmas list this year?  Or have you ever wished you could fly?  To go along with my post yesterday about suntanned skin, lake days and boat rides, today My Husband the Farmer and Alberta Flyboard and Canadian Jetpack Adventures have collaborated to bring you a rad Christmas gift experience.

CanadianJetpackAdventures Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.26.44 PM

One of the most amazing things I have ever done has been flying 30+ feet above water without a care in the world.  It is an experience like no other and Alberta Flyboard and Canadian Jetpack Adventures have teamed up to put together a special deal just for my readers today.

FlyboardingKimBefore I get into the wicked discount you can redeem, I want to tell you a bit about what you’re getting into; this is definitely for the adventurers on your list!

Hooked to your feet is a board which is more like a set of wakeboard boots with a nozzle under each foot.  The hoses you see coming up towards my arms are stabilizers for balance, they can be taken off once you get your bearings and want a bit more freedom to move around.  On one end, the long hose is attached to the centre of the board directly underneath and in-between your feet and, on the other end, it’s hooked up to the back of a jetski; it uses the power of the ski to propel you in the air.  Your feet control the direction that you go and it’s something that could take 5 minutes to learn or 25 minutes to learn but once you get the idea and your body gets its bearings over the board, the sky is literally the limit.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.18.03 AMWe’ve been doing this for a few years now and my friends over at Alberta Flyboard were the ones that introduced and trained us, we were one of their first customers.  Since then, their company has grown exponentially and this year Brody and his teammates, Adrian, Curtis and Jordan, are on their way to Dubai, UAE to compete in the XDubai Flyboard World Cup.  Riders from around the world head there to compete, wishing you all the best of luck this year guys!

FlyboardWorldCupWith locations in BC and Manitoba, Canadian Jetpack Adventures services Lake Okanagan, Lake Osoyoos and Lake Winnipeg and they’re slowly growing so if you don’t see an area near you, check back often or send them an email.  Alberta Flyboard has representatives ready to teach you how to fly at Cold Lake, Gull Lake, Jackfish Lake, Sylvan Lake and Lake Wabamun and they truly live for this so drop them a line, they want to teach you how to fly! (Flyboard images courtesy Francois Rigaud).

Now for the deal.  Who doesn’t love discounts!  Just because the guys at Alberta Flyboard and Canadian Jetpack Adventures are so rad, they’ve offered up 30% off on all individual lessons at any of the locations listed above.  To redeem, simply visit their websites based on the location you’d like to redeem at – Alberta Flyboard Bookings or Canadian Jetpack Adventures Bookings – and purchase a voucher.  Use code “farmwifestyle” to receive 30% off your voucher.  As an added bonus, if you share this post around Facebook, I’ll message you a different code that will get you 40% off – an even sweeter deal!  A recommendation from the guys is a 30 minute lesson, it’s a perfect amount of time to learn what you’re doing, get up in the air a bit and get out before your muscles get too tired.  Just released this past year, you can also try the Hoverboard which is more like a skateboard over water.

To see the Fly- and Hoverboarders in action, check out some of their videos, it’s an experience like no other.  Trust me.


A NOTE TO MY READERS: I want to reiterate that every one of these shops and artists have been selected by me to participate in my #shoplocal campaign.  I am receiving NO GRATUITIES OR FREEBIES for these shout outs and want to keep it that way!  I love all these places and what they offer and am sharing them to make my readers lives easier and promote local shopping in my area. 


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