#shoplocal Day 6, Lokahi Healing Arts

How many times have you been home after work thinking to yourself, “man, a relaxing massage would be so rad right now”.  Me too, been there.  Then I found Meghan from Lokahi Healing Arts.


Meghan is a Registered Massage Therapist and her entire business is on the move; she comes TO YOU.  You heard me, her home base is west of Edmonton but she travels all around Edmonton and the surrounding areas to come to you and soothe your tired, aching body.

Initially, she was trained in traditional Swedish massage which, according to Wikipedia, is the most recognized type of massage today and is helpful in “reducing pain, joint stiffness and improving function in patients with ailments such as arthritis”.  After mastering these techniques, she widened her scope and trained in Hawaii learning Mana Lomi massage Hibiscuswhich is indigenous to the Islands and also known as Hawaiian Spiritual Massage; it is based on the ideology of working with the mind, body and soul of the patient. Because your body stores trauma at a bone level, Mana Lomi practitioners are trained to heal the muscle and tissue fibres all the way to the bone leaving you feeling reinvented.HawaiianBeach

Going along with the Hawaiian theme, something I love about her is that she uses coconut oil as her massage oil.  Lotions and creams that are applied to your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream within 27 seconds of application so I definitely appreciate why she uses something that’s all natural.  It also helps soothe tired muscles and improves the appearance of the skin, strengthens the immune system with antimicrobial and antiviral properties (which is also great because it helps our body fight sickness and viruses) and doesn’t leave any oil stains on sheets or clothing when used.  Seems like a no brainer to me too!

She’s also experiences in sports, deep tissue, prenatal and infant massages, and trigger point therapy techniques so don’t hesitate to contact her if you’re in need of some healing. Visit her Facebook page and read some of the fabulous testimonials from her clients.  Her rates which are very reasonable, $90 for a 60 minute and $120 for a 90 minute, she’s certified to write you a receipt for insurance purposes and she now accepts credit cards.  Book yourself a treatment today, you won’t be sorry.

lokahi.rmt@gmail.com or call or text 780-920-6512.


A NOTE TO MY READERS: I want to reiterate that every one of these shops and artists have been selected by me to participate in my #shoplocal campaign.  I am receiving NO GRATUITIES OR FREEBIES for these shout outs and want to keep it that way!  I love all these places and what they offer and am sharing them to make my readers lives easier and promote local shopping in my area!  


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