#shoplocal Day 3, Kozy Komforts

When Cristin of Kozy Komforts found me a few months ago, it was an instant like situation.  How can you dislike someone that posts pictures of their cat with a knit moustache on Instagram?



Cristin picked up her first hook when she was stuck on bed rest with her first daughter 10 years ago which has now led to a decade (and counting) of crafting and creativity.  She’s had two more daughters since and knitted, pearled and hooked up a storm all at the same time.

And that’s not all she does, she’s a full-time working Mom in the dairy industry.  By day she works as a coordinator in a busy agricultural office and by night, she crafts.  In between all that she’s a Mom too so I can see her plate spilling over already.  WheatToque

If you want to find her wares and touch, feel and test drive them, she’s a regular at the local artisan fair in Thorsby, AB, The White Barn Market.  It’s a summer affair with live music, food trucks, henna artists and all things handmade.

There’s even options for those that like to DIY.  For all her fellow yarnies  that follow her on social media and love her items, you can purchase patterns in her Ravelry store.  A big shop local BabyBooties

If you’re looking for anything knit OR crocheted, you have to check out her talents.  Mermaid and shark tail blankets, capes, sweaters, fingerless gloves, scarves, toques (with wheat stitching), mittens, Movember moustache finger sleeves, boot cuffs, yarn ornaments, slippers, baby booties and even cat houses.  Yes I said cat houses.  If you can think it up, Kozy Komforts can make it!


A NOTE TO MY READERS: I want to reiterate that every one of these shops and artists have been selected by me to participate in my #shoplocal campaign.  I am receiving NO GRATUITIES OR FREEBIES for these shout outs and want to keep it that way!  I love all these places and what they offer and am sharing them to make my readers lives easier and promote local shopping in my area!  


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