#shoplocal Day 1, WordPlay Designs

Welcome to the most exciting 25 days of your life!  For the rest of November, I have lined up some of the most talented and creative artisans and fun-time businesses I know to ease your holiday shopping woes in my 2015 feature, #shoplocal.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and search the hashtags all this month, you won’t be disappointed.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.28.10 AMToday I’m featuring WordPlay Designs, an Alberta born vinyl wall art company with consultants throughout Canada and the United States.   To be fair, I am a consultant and have been for the past 7 years and it’s because I love to create with anything Anita comes up with; her designs are very trendy and modern and the specials she runs are always a great bonus.  I am constantly saying to myself “this is it, there’s no way she can top this!” and then she does with something even more creative and unique.

Christmas_PalletI wanted to feature WP early because if you’re looking to do some DIY or order anything for Christmas gifts, you’ll need to get your orders in before the end of November or they won’t make it to you in time to wrap and put under the tree.
The WP website also has a blog with lots of wonderful ideas on how to create your own personalized and unique gifts.  The Christmas pallet in the picture is up there and there’s full instructions on how to make your own!  HugsorCookies

For more Christmas ideas, check out one of my archived posts on Festive Vinyl Boards and Canvases or the WP Holiday Craft Ideas page.

If you’re less interested in something festive and more interested in something longterm, browse the website and the online PDF catalogue, there’s so many options for every room in your home – bedrooms, kids rooms, kitchen, laundry and bathroom – you’ll be sure to find something you love. 

FestiveGlassBlockAs an added incentive, there’s a special for this November.   With a minimum $50 order, choose a festive glass block design FOR FREE!

Glass blocks can be picked up from any hardware store for under $10 each or if you prefer to add lights or christmas balls to the inside, you can get one from a craft store with a hole drilled in the bottom.  Tie a pretty ribbon around the top and you’ve got a great holiday accent; there’s so many designs to choose from it’ll be hard to pick just one!


A NOTE TO MY READERS: I want to reiterate that every one of these shops and artists have been selected by me to participate in my #shoplocal campaign.  I am receiving NO GRATUITIES OR FREEBIES for these shout outs and want to keep it that way!  I love all these places and what they offer and am sharing them to make my readers lives easier and promote local shopping in my area!


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