Easy Homemade Jam

Today my brain isn’t working.  I had a hard workout yesterday morning AND this morning and ever since I have just been thinking slow (97 second pause) so I’m just going to get right into it in short, basic sentences.

Strawberry Pineapple Rhubarb Jam
(makes 4, 1 cup jars – don’t ask me what that is in pints/quarts, I haven’t a damn clue)

4-5 cups fruit, diced as small or large as you like it
1/4-1/2 cup sugar depending on your sweet tooth
1/8 cup Certo Light (or other fruit pectin, just follow their amount directions)

I had some really ripe pineapple and strawberries my fridge this morning.  I made jam with it.  It’s easy.  See below.

1) dice fruit up
2) add to saucepan
3) turn heat on med high
4) add sugar to fruit
5) stir constantly
6) add fruit pectin (I like Certo Light)
7) keep stirring
8) just when you think you’re done stirring, stir some more
9) remove from heat
10) place in sterilized jars* and screw lids on TIGHT

Easy Homemade Jam

See?  Jam in 10 steps.  Not hard.  I cut up the pineapple and strawberries into smallish chunks because I like easy and not perfect.  I added rhubarb because it’s the season and I like it.  I put in not a lot of sugar because I don’t like a lot of sugar and I don’t mind my jam a little runny (the more sugar you add, the more jiggly it gets).  Simple.  Like my brain.

*How to sterilize jars: dump everything in a frying pan with water and boil for 5 min.  (Wanna know another trick?  I use my gardening gloves when I’m jarring the jam.  They’re the rubber coated ones from Costco and they’re perfect to handle the hot jars with).



Now please excuse me whilst I sleep this brain fart off.  Enjoy your jam!  Kim.


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