10 Minute Fixture Makeover

My BFF and I have been taking turns working at each others houses lately.  Lots of work that we want to get done so our yards can look #awesome all summer long and for years to come.

Today I found some beautiful lavender and thyme perennials at Costco for CHEAP and that sparked up the want to get some flower beds finished that have been sitting idle for the past 2 summers.  Dilemma – I needed a rototiller to break up the dirt again because it’s been rock hard for a long time so I called my BFF C to come over.  She’s always there for me when I need her plus whatever tools I don’t have she usually has and we tradesies each other’s labour and get our jobs done in half the time.  Our kids play amazing together too so that’s a bonus, it keeps them out of our hair while we work even if they make an entire garden into a mud pie sometimes.

We’re both very like-minded women, we know what we want and when we want something done we do it ourselves; it’s faster than waiting for the Farmer or her husband, the Welder, to help us and it saves them from having to do more work around the home.   She’s a beaut.  I’m so incredibly blessed.  (PS, check out the two creepers in the back of this pic haha, Volbeat brings them all out!)


While I was waiting for her to show up so we could #dowork today, I decided to do a quick change up in our ensuite.  I’ve slowly been replacing things here and there: changing pictures around, hanging new vinyl, touching up paint, making everything new again.  My staircase collage from January has been inspiring me to redo all over this house so I’m making the most of it.

I grabbed a can of matte steel spray paint and some Edison bulbs today because I haven’t been able to find the right fixtures to change out the ones we had (I also love to upcycle anything and everything because it means less goes to the dump and ruins Mother Earth).

I took down the fixtures, cleaned them off, removed the glass and bulbs, plugged the sockets with rolled up paper towel and proceeded to spray them with the paint.  Turns out I had a faulty can and I currently look like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz but the fixtures look amazing so what do I care.  Once my hand was covered in paint I wasn’t stopping!


I replaced the standard bulbs with Edison bulbs also.  If you don’t know what an Edison bulb is, it’s a really cool retro bulb with extra filaments that gives a room this incredibly warm and vintage feel.  The extra filaments throw light upwards and outwards and leave really neat patterns on the walls.  They come in lots of different shapes and filament patterns too – some even look like Christmas trees!  I’ll be seeing a lot more of these, especially when we get downstairs and start finishing our basement.

If you’re looking for an economical fix to change up the look and feel of a room in your home, try this before getting rid of your fixtures and buying all new ones.  For the cost of a $10 can of spray paint and some new bulbs (they’ll run you anywhere between $6 and $9 each depending on the style) you can have a next-level look with low-level wastage.  And that’s Canadian funds too so it’s even less for all my American shoppers out there.

And don’t be all “I’m gonna sue you, I electrocuted myself” on me, you need to use common sense and flip your breakers when you do this kind of work.  Be careful and cautious.

More coming soon in the DIY and outdoor gardening departments!  Now get out there and #dowork, Kim.


3 thoughts on “10 Minute Fixture Makeover

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  2. Love your blog! You’re very funny and very personable. I can see how you and your friend probably have a lot of laughs and fun working together and helping each other out too.
    Gotta LOVE those Edison lights. I love love LOVE anything antique or vintage. I always say “I really think maybe I was born in the wrong century because I am a lot more comfortable with everything OLD”. If I could dress in 18th or 19th century clothing every day, I would. 😀
    Speaking of ‘good ol’ spray paint,…I painted my wicker rockers Heritage Red -Rustoleum last week.😊 What a sweet fix!
    Thanks for sharing part of yourself and your life. You never know who is going to read it and who will be inspired by it! That’s a real good thing.
    Share more of your “farm life”, please? I’m dying to know what your life is like on a farm in Canada. Do any vegetable gardening, canning and that sort of thing?? I learned today that I am not the only woman who knows how to fire up the old tiller. Lol. Git’r’done! 😆 Nice to read your blog and I’ll check in again.🌻


    • Sounds like you enjoy a good DIY project too KellyAnn! Thanks for the comments, our life up here right now is crazy busy with harvest but I will def get back to posting a few things in the coming weeks when all the grain is in the bin! Best, Kim.


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