Pickled Cabbage Coleslaw

I’ve had this pickled coleslaw recipe burning a hole in my proverbial pocket for months now.  The ingredients are so basic and I’ve had half a HUGE purple cabbage in the fridge forever so today was the day that it got done.  I put my chopping arm on and got to work.


I got this recipe from this cool cat I know out in BC.  We’re related so she clearly gets all that coolness from me.  She brought it to our fam reunion this summer and I couldn’t get it off my mind afterwards.  She’s so full of cool she even sent me home with some at the end of the weekend so I could enjoy it for the rest of our holidays.

She says the key to the recipe is chopping thinly.  As you can see from my picture, I attempted to chop thinly but somewhat failed and you know what?  Honey Badger don’t care because it still tastes ridiculously good.  And it lasts, like, 3-4 weeks in the fridge so who can complain about that?

Pickled Coleslaw

1 head cabbage, thinly sliced (I used red but green is fine too)
1 medium white onion, thinly sliced
1 green or red pepper, thinly sliced (I left this out because the Farmer hates peppers) OR finely grated carrots for colour if you’re using green cabbage

1 cup sugar
1 tsp dry mustard (regular wet mustard can be substituted also)
3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 cup white vinegar
2 tsp celery seed
1 tbsp salt
OPTIONAL – 1 tsp garlic powder (I added this because I love garlic)

Chop the cabbage, onion, peppers/carrots and layer them in a large container with a lid (mine fit into a 3.6L/15 cup saver dish).  Sprinkle the sugar over the top of the veggie mixture and shake it around to distribute.

Add the mustard, EVOO, vinegar, celery seed, salt and garlic powder to a saucepan and bring to a rolling boil on the stove.  Pour brine over cabbage, add lid and shake, shake, shake to mix it all up.  Remove the lid until it cools.  Once cool, lid it and store it in the fridge then EAT.

Enjoy for the next 3-4 weeks…if it lasts that long.  Kim.



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