HH2 Top Ten Finalist – Please Vote!

So if you’ve been following along the last while you’re aware that I have been participating in a challenge through Weight Loss Rebels called Hardcore Hotties 2.  Just so happens I finished top 5 on my team and top 10 over all – bazinga!  I’m sure you’re also all aware of that because I’ve been campaigning HARD for votes these last few days.  I could win 500 bucks for this, hell yah I’m campaigning!

SO, what I’d like to ask of you (my loyal and dedicated followers) is if you have the time and think I deserve to win this challenge, click here and ‘like’ the bottom of my personal posting using your Facebook account on Fit Bitch’s Blog & Shit.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can also Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, or Google+ share it and that all counts towards my votes!


Transformation HO!  Here’s my progress picture.  Legit the picture on the left is only one pound difference from the one on the right.  I gained a whack of muscle and lost a bigger whack of fluff!

Anyway, I’m continuing on with the Hardcore Hotties 3 challenge so hopefully there’s more change in my future but for the time being, can you pretty-please vote for me to win this round?!

Here’s the hyperlink again in case you want to share it with all your friends too!


One thought on “HH2 Top Ten Finalist – Please Vote!

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