Spring Cleaning: Wall Washing

Besides my Arizona Lemon Pie post, it’s been awhile since I posted anything, what have I been doing?!  Actually we’re calving right now so it’s been busy here.  We’re about 75 calves in and around 60-65 more to go.  Aren’t they sweet?  Such cute little babies.  And these Momma’s are doing really well with them too.  There’s only been a handful we’ve had to bottle feed so far.  The Farmer says it’s because they’re all coming from good Mothers (which is undoubtably true) however, I think it’s because they’ve all been heifers so far. Yep, us women are smart and in the world of cows, that matters.


In honour of Mother’s Day this weekend, this post is an homage to all the women out there, particularly Grandmothers.  They older you get, the wiser you become (that’s true for cows too).  Thanks to my Grams, today I was able to clean up a bunch of gunk that’s been bothering me for months now and without her expertise, I would probably have still been searching the internet for a solution to my problem.

This is my Grandma.  She’s not my biological Grandma, she’s the Farmer’s, but in my heart she is my Grandmother.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to know one of my Grandma’s at all and the other one lived a fair distance away so when I married the Farmer, I inherited his Grams too and I love her dearly as my own.


Since I have small children and they (for some reason) love to get their hands into ANYTHING sticky, gooey, slimy or greasy one of my biggest problems is stains on my walls.  Now, if I were a lover of wallpaper this problem wouldn’t be too huge since wallpaper almost masks anything but if you’re familiar with the renovation I did at Nan and Pops’ house you already know I despise wallpaper; paint is waaaaaay more up my alley.

But if you like paint, you’re going to see greasy fingerprints when your kids put their paws in the playdough and then decide to “pretend” write their names on the wall after.  What’s that?  You don’t think that would leave a mark?  Go try it and then we’ll talk.

I should clarify also, it’s not only the Daughters that leave marks on the walls, the Farmer and I are guilty too.  I can be cooking or he can come in here with gas, grease, diesel or oil on his clothes and brush up against something and boom, another mess to take care of.

I’ve tried so many different things to get these stains off – baby wipes, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which took off more of my paint than the stains), vinegar and baking soda, Comet…you name it, I’ve tried it to no avail.

Last week, the SIL and I stopped by Grams’ house to pick up her Avon order after our dinner date and we got to chatting for a bit.  I  told her I needed to order some more Avon bubble bath for the Daughters and she started telling me all about its uses.  On the list?  CLEANING WALLS.  Well kiss my grits, that’s something I hadn’t tried yet!

Wall Cleaning Secret Weapons

Instructions are easy, one capful per ice cream pail and the hottest water you can stand and I followed with a clean pail of water to get any residue left behind.  I washed away a lot of grease today.  MAGICAL FEELING.

For any scuffs or marks on your walls, crayons, chair marks or mud, just get yourself a cheap tube of toothpaste (anything except the gel kind will work, it needs to be the white/green chalky kind) and those marks will rub right off.

And don’t go thinking something like paper towel will work to get that stuff off either.  The best thing to wipe down your wall with is a knit cloth which are made by Grandma’s everywhere.  This one started out in the kitchen doing dishes and eventually it was seasoned enough to move up to cleaning duty.  Dishes just break them in.  If you don’t have cloths like these in your house, my apologies.  I do know someone that is EXCELLENT at making these and she sells them to the public (it’s your lucky day) – 3-pack for $10 plus shipping – available in my Etsy store here.

Anyone that’s in my general area can send me a message and I’m sure I can work something out to drop them off but otherwise, buy online and support a local senior and veteran!  She’s an amazing woman who I admire greatly and you won’t be disappointed with her cloths either.

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!  Cheers, Kim.


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