Arizona Lemon Pie

Dammit I’m sick of this weather!  It’s got me really crabby.  I woke up with a sore throat again and I thought I was over it a few days ago but apparently the snow and cold that came last night brought it back to me.  Wheeeeewwwww.

In protest of this nasty weather, I am posting the best pie recipe you will ever grace your presence with.  I wanted to eat 3 or 4 of these when we visited Nan and Pops in Arizona in Feburary but I only got through half of one because it’s soooooo lemony it makes the inside of your mouth raw.

My SIL owes me pies (I think she’s up to about 9 now) so I figured I’d do her a solid and post this recipe so all she has to do is make it up and bring it on over to eat eat eat.  Plus I made this for my sweetest little nephew yesterday so she should repay me with pie right?  Just saying.  Shameless plug – if you’re interested in one, they’re available in my Etsy store here.

Grow ruler

Pies, pies pies!  Seriously, once you’ve had this pie you will never eat another lemon pie the same way again.  They’re all so inferior compared to this one – BEST LEMON FLAVOUR EVER!  I was talking to Nana the other day too and was saying that it would also be amazing as any kind of citrus pie really.  Lime would substitute easily or oranges and grapefruits would be great too and the sugar required for those would be less as well.  And if you trade out the whipped cream topping (although, why would you do that?) for meringue, voila, the best lemon meringue pie you’ve ever eaten.

So to begin, start with my very first berry pie recipe from last summer to make a batch of crusts or hit up my single serve pie crust recipe and make yourself just one.  I subbed coconut oil for Crisco and it gives the crust a great flavour.  Don’t roll it out too much either or it won’t rise properly.  I have to work on perfecting that.


Then you can start on the filling.  EASIEST PIE FILLING ON THE PLANET.  One kitchen appliance and 10 minutes and you’re done.  First off though, check out the size of an Arizona-fresh-picked-from-tree lemon and a lame Canadian-buy-at-the-store lemon.  Unreal right?!


The flavour is so different also.  They’re sweeter and much more juicy than store bought lemons and perfect for this pie.  If you don’t have these lemons though, the other ones will work just fine, you might just need two small ones instead of one large one.

Start by cutting both ends off the lemon and slicing it into pieces.  Remove all the seeds.


Put the lemon pieces in the blender along with all the other ingredients and blend on high until everything is pulverized.




Pour it into the unbaked pie crust and remove any large chunks you see come out.


Put it in a 330F oven for 30 minutes and keep a close eye on it when it’s in there, it can burn quickly.  Pull it out when the top starts to turn brown.

Completely cover it in whipped cream and serve.  It’s amazing, you WILL NOT regret it.


Arizona Lemon Pie

1 large lemon
1 cup sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup butter

When the weather hands you lemons (such like today in my corner of the world) go make a lemon pie.  Merry Christmas!  Kim.


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