Sickness Remedies

This farm house is sick.  Sicky sick sickity sick.  Both the daughters have caught some nasty croup/cold hybrid and we’ve been fighting it off for the past week.

On Wednesday I was in line at the bank when an older woman with a very kind face made a comment about the younger daughter looking like she just woke up from the car ride.  I responded that no, she was really sick but I needed to come into the bank so that’s the only reason we were out.  She started to share with me some sickness remedies because she practised natural healing and because I LOVE LOVE LOVE pay it forwards, I will share with you what she told me.   I never even got her name but she was so kind to share this information with me and I love encountering kind people that have the intent of helping someone in need.

She said that Jello prepared with warm water and drank as a liquid is great for sore throats but if your kids put up a fight for the Jello then marshmallows are a great dry alternative.  She never told me why Jello and marshmallows but when your kids are sick, you try ANYTHING.

For adults (or if your kids aren’t fighters like mine) then you can have some natural ginger tea with honey.  Ever remember your Mom pumping you full of flat ginger ale as a kid?  Nan did that to me but the benefits of real ginger are far greater.  I learned that ginger is not only good for the stomach like we all think but it also helps cleanse channels in the body such as your sinuses, increases absorption of nutrients and minerals, and when warmed in tea and drank it can help greatly with throat and nose congestion.  Next time you’re sick, grab some real candied ginger or peel and chop some fresh ginger rolled in honey and eat it straight.  Your mouth will burn but your body will thank you.

It was our turn at the bank after this so I was ready to go home and make some ginger tea for the girls when we were done.  After we were finished in line, we walked out and my wonderful stranger was there waiting for us with more great info!  After being under house arrest for 4 days straight, this encounter was the best part of my day and made me so glad we decided to leave the house.

She told me I could also make something called “Golden Milk”.  It’s made with turmeric, the bright yellow spice that gives mustard it’s colour, and it also has a number of great health properties.  According to, in the eastern world turmeric has been used for centuries as a healing remedy and as an anti-inflamatory to treat a number of different conditions such as colic, jaundice, menstrual pain, toothaches and gas.  It comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant and the actual bright yellow-orange pigment of the spice, curcumin, has been compared as an equivalent to drugs like hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone and the over-the-counter medication Motrin.  The one very important difference is that all three of those drugs have wicked side-effects like intestinal bleeding, decreased white blood cell count and ulcer formations whereas turmeric has none.

These are the benefits of turmeric that pertain to sickness but there’s so many other uses and treatments for issues like inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and liver problems and many forms of cancers such as leukemia, prostate cancer (another plus I can add to my Movember post), and colon cancer.  All this information is courtesy of and you can read all about it the benefits on their site.

So to reap the benefits of turmeric, make a paste to add to virtually anything.  You can make it easily at home with turmeric and water.

Boil 1/4 cup of turmeric with 1/2 cup of water for about 5 minutes.  It will start to bubble and get really thick creating a paste.  Take it off the heat.

Turmeric Paste

Put it into a jar and keep it in the fridge for use whenever you’d like.  This will make about 1/2 cup of paste and has a shelf life of about one month.

To make “Golden Milk” you mix 1 teaspoon of paste with 1/2 cup of warm milk and 1 teaspoon of honey (unpasteurized or creamed honey is the best for it’s health properties also) and drink.  I used coconut milk and it was so delicious and creamy.  Cows milk was alright too but you could taste the turmeric much more so it was a little bitter.

Golden Milk      Golden Milk

My kind stranger suggested I make “Golden Milk” with it but you can put it in anything.  it does have a strong taste so beware when you’re trying to trick your kids.  I found it easiest to disguise in orange juice, the acid masks the strong taste and the it won’t affect the colour.

That bank lineup was super long and when I walked in, I wanted to get through it as fast as I could but after I started chatting with our kindly stranger I was glad the line was as long as it was.  Health and happiness to you all, XO, Kim.

PS – If anyone has any tricks on how to get your kid to blow her nose, I’m all ears.


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