Merry Christmas From My Heart to Yours

Wow have I ever been slacking off!  Last post was December 7, the Christmas season is so busy!  I have lots of pics of baking and projects that I will get to in the new year but right now I just wanted to reflect a bit on this special day.

Yesterday was with my side of the family and today was with the Farmer’s and as I sit here typing this I am again so thankful for the life we live and the family we have.  The weather yesterday and today was fantastic on our side of the country (my thoughts go to those in the east that are dealing with that terrible ice storm) which made travel great and even better was the company we were able to spend it with.  We gave thanks for the wonderful meals we ate and spent the day laughing, smiling and being the hap-hap-happiest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.

While the adults were busy being children, the kids were too.  The Daughters’ had so much fun playing with their cousins and were so tuckered they were LIGHTS OUT when they hit the pillow last night and tonight.  Christmas just isn’t the same without the sound of little voices, am I right?

I am coming down off an enormous high from the past 48 hours.  The sigh of relief I just breathed is definitely worth it but it also makes me wonder if we don’t spend enough time together in the first place.  Is too much emphasis put on work and real life and not enough on play and enjoying the moment?  What do you think?  Shouldn’t a holiday like Christmas and the feelings it brings come around more than once a year?  I think so, because family is what Christmas is all about to me.  Turn off the commercialization, the mad dash at the mall, the overspending, and the stress and turn on the giving, the sharing and caring and most importantly, the laughter and LOVE.  Yesterday and today were perfect examples of that feeling for me and I want to do it again before another 365 days goes by.  As I am getting older I feel like my life is starting to speed up and I want to savour and relish in every moment and what better way to do that than by creating more of them.

Over the past two days I felt exactly as I used to feel as a kid on Christmas Eve: excited and anxious to tear into the gifts I was hoping would be under the tree for me in the morning.  The only difference is that instead of receiving, I am now more excited and anxious to hand out hugs, pour a drink and share a laugh with those that I love; I want to receive the gift of the memory of these moments.

Like our beloved Grinch creator Dr. Seuss once said, “you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” so to everyone I saw both yesterday and today, thank you for an amazing and memorable Christmas.

Always as a little girl, my sister and I would have all our gifts open and Nana would still be sitting there with every gift we gave her piled up around her chair, it didn’t matter if she had three and we had thirty we would still manage to beat her.  I never understood why until yesterday when I found myself surrounded by gifts watching everyone around me.  That’s when I realized that all those years she was busy watching our faces and filling her soul with the love and energy from the room – the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas

My Christmas wish to you is that you were able to fill your soul with the love and kindness from those around you like I was able to do over the past two days.  My cup runneth over.  Love, Kim.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From My Heart to Yours

  1. Well said Kim, each and every day should be embraced as though it was Christmas, imagine how much we would all benefit from that and how much of a difference it would make not just in our world but the world as a whole.


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