Festive Vinyl Boards and Canvases

Last weekend we had a badass craft day at my house.  I love crafting.  LOVE IT.  I put in a monster order of vinyl from that super cool business I represent, Wordplay Designs, for everyone and they all came with their project pieces and game faces on.  Minus my SIL, she came with her scared face on.  She dislikes crafting but she’s coming over to the sparkly, embossed, bedazzled side of the fence.  Slowly but surely she will be a crafter.

Crafty stress

So so so many fun projects going on – ornaments, flower vases, mugs, picture frames and glass blocks.   Look at the intense concentration.  No one even wanted to look up and smile for the camera!

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Festive Vinyl Crafts  Festive Vinyl Crafts

And some really cute wee babies were there playing with us too!

Cute Christmas Baby  Cute Christmas Baby

I did my crafting the night before so I could be available for teaching the day of since there were lots of different projects happening.  I did some Christmas gifts for the Daughters’ Teachers that day (which turned out amazing) but I had a special request for the instructions on how to make these festive wood Christmas blocks so I’ll start with those.

Craft Day24_new

I started out with a long decal from the Christmas collection that was 5″ high x 28″ long.  I cut the three pieces out separately and Papa cut me the perfect pieces to mount them to.  Truthfully, I’m somewhat afraid of power tools and wood.  It’s something I am gradually working up to but haven’t got the nerve to work with yet.  For these times, I call Papa because he’s THE BEST.  He had some spare cedar that was 5.5″ across that worked perfectly for my project since my decal was 5″ tall.  I asked him to cut me three pieces, 8″, 9″ and 11″, to apply the vinyl to.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

He sanded it for me too but if your Dad doesn’t do that for you, you should grab a block and sand it lightly until it’s smooth.

Then grab the type of paper you’d like to use, I used regular scrapbook paper from my Christmas pack, measure it out and cut it to size.  Nothing fancy here either, I just laid it over the blocks and marked the edges with a pencil then cut with my straight cutter.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the first block and apply the paper overtop right after.  I use my vinyl applicator (you can also use a credit card) to smooth the paper down and work out any wrinkles.  If you apply it too thick the paper will saturate and the wrinkles will stick around so don’t lay it on too thick.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

After you’ve got the paper down and it’s semi-dry, you can peel the backing off the vinyl and apply the tape layer overtop.  I usually just eyeball my projects but I do really like to make sure they’re centered so if it’s a tougher one, I will get out a tape measure before I lay it down.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Once the tape layer is down, start from the centre and smooth out the whole graphic lightly to ensure there’s no bubbles or wrinkles in the decal.  After it’s down flat you can press firmly with a ruler, credit card or scraper and carefully peel back the tape.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Voila.  Perfection.  Repeat two more times for the other two blocks and you have a simple and affordable gift or decoration for your home.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

The same process can be used on canvases too.  I did this one using the exact same techniques and added a frame at the end.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Step 1: Select and cut your paper.  This was a 16×20 canvas so I used three 12×12 sheets of paper to cover it.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Step 2: Mod Podge your canvas.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Step 3: Apply the paper and smooth it down with a scraper or ruler.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Step 4: Center the vinyl, peel off the backing and apply to the paper.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Step 5: Slowly peel off the masking tape and make sure all the letters are secured down.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

After it’s done, you can hang it as is or you can add a frame as well.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

I got this frame from Michaels on sale and I just set the canvas inside it and used some finishing nails to nail the wooden canvas frame to the frame corners.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

I strung some wire through the hooks on the frame and it was ready to hang on my wall.  I love it so much I’m going to make one for all year long to hang there too!

Some quick and simple projects to give as gifts or transform your home this holiday season.

Festive Vinyl Blocks and Canvases

Merry Merry Christmas and happy crafting!  Kim.


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