Hey Fraud Losers, Get a Real Job.

I was going to write a post this morning about the snowfall last night because I actually really truly do love a lot of aspects of winter (including the beautiful powder snowfalls and watching them from the comfort of my own home) but instead my mood was just soured by a sketchy and uncomfortable phone call.

As I type this I am on hold with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report to them this incident but while I wait I figured I would send a message out to all of my followers who I hope will share with their loved ones in the hopes that I can help to prevent ANY damage from being done.

I had a phone call at 11:25 this morning from “Unknown Name”.  I usually just leave these and don’t answer them (caller ID, a bonus of Technology I talked about last week) but I answered it this morning.

It was a man with an Eastern Indian/Eastern Asian accent calling himself Adam.  Over a very crackly connection, he said he was with the Windows Technology Centre and he was reporting a problem with my computer.  I didn’t quite hear him correctly so I asked again what he was calling about (in my usual “I don’t know this person” bitchy tone of voice) and he stammered and again said he was calling because he had record of a problem with my computer.  I told him there was no possible way he could have record of a problem with my computer and all of a sudden the line went dead.


HOW DARE YOU invade MY privacy, call MY home and try to scam ME out of the hard-earned money the Farmer and I earn to keep our family supported?!  GET A REAL JOB LOSER.

As soon as I hung up from his hang up I started to think about all the people in my life that are in a more vulnerable state.  That actually do run a Windows operating system so wouldn’t be 100% positive they couldn’t have their information.  People like our 79 year old Gram (don’t get me wrong, she’d still give them a run for their money) or the Farmer’s 84 year old Grandma who may not question him and might fall for it.  People like my Aunt who may be going through a rough time right now and not thinking cognitively enough to know this person may be scamming them.  People I love.

I am seriously so mad right now I could spit nails.  LEAVE ME ALONE.  I do not live my life with honour, dignity and pride so you can slide in here and steal what’s rightfully mine.  FUCK OFF.

Impeccably timed I suppose, this morning I found out from my clone the other Kim Ducherer, that her Farmer’s truck was stolen RIGHT OFF THEIR DRIVEWAY LAST NIGHT.  Really?!  What ever happened to working hard, saving up every penny of disposable income you had so when you were able to purchase something you wanted (or needed) you were filled with an overwhelming sense of pride for doing it on your own?  I guess it’s just easier to steal that from someone else.

Get a life fraudsters.

If you get this phone call or one like it, call your local RCMP detachment to report it as well as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.  You can also visit their website, https://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca, or email them at info@antifraudcentre.ca.

For information on how to make phone calls like these stop, why you’re still receiving them even though you registered your name on that “Do Not Call” list a few years ago, what the terms Phishing, Farming and Spoofing all mean and what happens when you report fraudulent activity, visit the Anti-Fraud Centre FAQ page and read up.

Final word – be smart.  Please be smart.  If you get that feeling that something isn’t right, follow your gut and question them when they call you.  If they’re from a legitimate agency, they won’t mind.  If you get an email you think is phishing or fraudulent, google the legitimate agency it’s from and find their designated fraud email address.  Forward the email you received and they will look into it.

And for the love of God, if you aren’t sure about something DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE.

I suppose I can chalk up one more negative to Technology now too…

Work hard and LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH DIGNITY.  Ciao, Kim.


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