Dear Technology

Wanna know what I think about technology?  I think it makes my middle finger wag (insert red face mad puffed-up cheek emoji here).  I’m on the bring of throwing it all away and living in the bush for the rest of my life.  Well I already do live in the bush but I mean Mountain Man style.  That’s how frustrated I am.

I love being able to send an email from out of the house and check my bank balance while I’m grocery shopping but I do not like spending 45 minutes on the phone with Amazon trying to figure out why I can’t download the Kindle app to my iPad because it’s running iOS 5.1.1 and the app requires a minimum of iOS 6.0.  I actually gave up on this and started filling out income tax forms for our farm instead of dealing with it.  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CRA INCOME TAX FORM?!  I was DONE.

(By the way, this is total karma for laughing at my parents when they couldn’t figure out how to play the VCR or record onto a cassette off the radio way back in 1993).

I’ve also had it with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, LinkedIn…am I missing any?  It was fun when it was just Facebook and I got to see what my friends from 10 years ago were doing and then compare my non-perfect life to theirs but now it’s just annoying to me.  Once I’m finished checking in on one, I move on to the next and before I know it I’ve been sitting on my ass for 3 hours because I’m busy checking status updates, tweets, twitpics and comments; I am so over it.

Some may argue this blog is excessing technology and I really have no rebut against that.  All I can say is I love this blog and to me it’s purpose is sharing with the world what I like to do.  (Now here’s my plug, if you like it you like it you can subscribe to the right of where you’re reading.  Just input your email address and I will notify YOU when I post something new, no need to check in every 20 minutes).  I feel like it’s the same as keeping a diary but I can obviously type faster than I write thanks to my Grade 4 Mavis Beacon classes so it’s in online form and not in my notepad upstairs.

THIS is the benefit of technology to me: playing flash cards with the Daughters without actually having to clean up any flash cards, screening my calls when I’m in the bathtub, going shoe shopping at 1 AM and being able to pay my bills naked.  Wireless internet, computers, televisions and printers are all pretty cool too because I’m anal and hate looking at cords so I’ll give that a pass as well.

Ahhhhhhhh.  Good talk.  I feel better already because I think I just needed to get off my chest that Amazon robbed me of 45 precious CRA tax form minutes tonight and I wanted some kind of retaliatory justification for still not being able to download the Kindle app on my outdated iPad so I came on here and slammed them and social media while I was at it.  Make sense?

Time for a shot of tequila.  Salt, lime, down the hatch!  Kim.


2 thoughts on “Dear Technology

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