Healthy-ish Halloween Treats

Remember being a kid and getting popcorn balls in your halloween treat bags?  Yah, I do too.  And then some asshole put a needle in them and kids weren’t allowed to eat anything that wasn’t pre-packaged.  I swear Hershey and Nestle got together and started that whole movement…  Anyway, I’m bringing it back and if you don’t like it then step right up and tell me not to.  I dare you.

The youngest daughter is having her little Halloween party at preschool tomorrow and there’s 14 kids in her class so we thought we’d make something a little festive for them.

I remembered I had these super cool Halloween bags tucked away too so they were put to good use before they expired for another year.

I started out by making a little label for each bag that says “Happy Halloween” from my sweet little girlie so they all know she rocks whatever she does (her Mom is also rather competitive but that has nothing to do with this).


I wasn’t sure how to hold them together because my candy thermometer is broken and I just didn’t want to chance making syrup and having it be too runny or rock hard so I went digging through my baking drawer to see what I had in there and found white chocolate squares.


And my BFF did me a solid and picked me up some Scaries when she went into town this afternoon.  Wicked good friend she is, these would be nothing but popcorn without those!

I popped all the popcorn in our popper using coconut oil, it makes it taste super amazing and just like theatre popcorn! Plus there’s no added garbage like the microwaveable stuff.  I’m sure you can use that microwaveable stuff too but if you’re not aware it can cause something called “Popcorn Lung” which has been compared to asbestos.  You can read more about Bronchiolitis obliterans here.

ANYWAY.  I popped the popcorn and laid it onto a cookie tray lined with parchment paper.  Then I melted the white chocolate in two batches and added orange colouring to one and black colouring to another.  I drizzled them over the popcorn and let them dry.


It only took about 10 minutes for the chocolate to harden and after that I just started packaging it.  Two little boxes of Scaries into each back, twist tie and done!


The two bags in the middle are for the daughter’s teachers, she’s so sweet on them.  I put an apple in there for each one of them since they’ll probably have their fair share of candy coming at them tomorrow anyway.

Halloween Popcorn Bags

40 cups popped popcorn (that was 6 rounds of my machine going, 1/4 cup of kernels each time)
4 squares of white chocolate, melted (food colouring optional but I used 2 squares for each colour)
40 mini boxes of Halloween coloured candies

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Have a spook-tacular day!  Kim.


One thought on “Healthy-ish Halloween Treats

  1. Those are so cute Kimberly – very unique and quasi-healthy too! You’re so creative – Aunty B was commenting on all your talents at supper the other night… Hugs to all….xxxx


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