Baby Necessity: Bucket Seat Cover

Today I had the absolute pleasure of babysitting my BFF’s brand new little girlie.  She was the perfect little gal for the entire 3 plus hours I was watching her.  I don’t think you can get any luckier than sleeping in the car seat for almost 75% of the time can you?!


When I picked her up this afternoon, the little blankie she had over her carseat kept blowing away because it was so windy out.  There was also a chill in the air so I wanted to keep her as snug as I could but it was hard with no hands (since one is on the carseat and the other is carrying the diaperbag and maneuvering my own purse) so I decided she needed a car seat cover.

The oldest daughter was out for the afternoon so when we got home, I got the youngest daughter down for a nap and since Baby A was still sleeping I got to it.

I got into my fabric stash and picked something super fun and girly out (you can never go wrong with black and pink) and started measuring and cutting.


When I say measuring and cutting I really mean guessing and cutting.  I’m not super big on following patterns, I usually just make them up as I go and this was no different.  I took out the fabric I liked and just cut it in half because that size looked about right and fit perfect over the carseat.  It measured 44″x34″ (roughly 1.1m x 0.8m).

GOOD INFO: The standard width for a bolt of fabric is 44″ so  if I was headed to the fabric store looking for material I would have just asked them to cut me a 0.8m piece from a bolt and that’s all you’ll need for the front panel.

After I had that piece measured out, I cut off a 4″ piece for the straps that hold the cover to the carseat handle.  Because this fabric had a colour sample strip along the end of it I ended up cutting off another inch of the strip so my final size is 3″x34″ for the strap piece and 40″x34″ for the front panel.


For the backing, cut a second piece the same size as the front piece (40″x34″).



Cut the strap piece in half so you have two 3″x17″ pieces.


Fold them in half again, right sides (patterned) together, and start sewing around the edges.  Leave a small opening so you can turn it inside out.


Once it’s inside out, push a pencil into the corners so the corners are squared off.  Iron it flat and top-stitch around the outside edges.



Take a small piece of velcro cut to the same width as the finished strap size and sew it on.  Remember to sew the furry side and the scratchy side to opposite sides of the strap so when you fold it around it makes a circle.


MORE GOOD INFO: You can get velcro anywhere too, I got this stuff from the fabric store and you can buy as much or as little of each kind as you need.   It comes in adhesive backed and non-adhesive backed and for sewing I recommend the non-adhesive backed so the glue doesn’t gum up the needle on your sewing machine.



Cut the large piece of fabric you have for the top in half so you have two 20″x34″ pieces.  Put the right sides back together again and measure across the fabric to 11″ and 22″ and mark with a stick pin.  That’s approximately one third and two thirds of the way across the fabric and you want the straps attached equi-distance apart.


Start sewing the two large pieces back together again and when you get to where your pins have marked 11″ and 22″, open up the fabric, fold the two loops in half and stick them between the two front panel pieces to attach them.



This is what it should look like when you’re done.


After you have the main piece sewn back together again, pin the backing to the front panel piece.  As you can see, I have no pins here because I usually don’t pin anything.  I’m lazy.  Or I work smarter – one or the other.  Either way, I recommend if you’re comfortable, don’t pin it but if you’re not comfortable, pin the pieces together.  I was also short on time because the sweet Baby A started to squeak so I had to hurry to get it done.


Start stitching around the outside leaving another small opening about the size you can fit your fist through in order to turn it right sides out.



Turn it inside out and top stitch around the outside.


Following the seam in the middle, top stitch across the centre as well so the back piece stays attached to the front piece when it’s attached to the carseat.


And you’re done!  Perfect timing too because the little monkey woke up for a cuddle just as I finished.




Wind in your baby’s face?  Problem solved.  Love!  Kim.



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