Organization = Total Fulfillment

I love organizing. I love the challenge it presents, I love playing real-life Tetris with boxes and furniture and I love how the end result always gives me this intense feeling of accomplishment.  I redid my office this past summer (which I’ll blog soon) and that insane feeling of AHHHHHH! is exactly the feeling I got when I regained my corner and set up my papasan chair – total zen.

Yesterday I spent the day with one of my BFF’s organizing her in-home photography studio.  She’s that amazingly wonderful gal responsible for all the beautiful memories in the Farmer’s Aunt’s wedding of the summer and I love her dearly.  She is always the positive shining light in a room and has this infectious spirit that I am always drawn to.

She needed help organizing her studio because she felt like she wasn’t making the best use of her space.  Since she shoots out of a home office, she’s limited to begin because her and her family have to share their home with her business so we needed to make this space the best one possible for her and her clients.  She was constantly taking down and putting up backdrops or setting up her beanbag frame which was cutting into her shooting time and when you’re shooting little babies, you only have so much happy time to work with!

This is what the room looked like before we started (and as we had just moved the desk in the corner out of the room).  I was so excited to start I forgot to take before pictures!

Before1  Before2

In picture one, there was a desk in the corner, a tall shelf beside it, the backdrop holder beside that, the newborn beanbag frame in the middle of the room and props everywhere (as you can see the youngest Daughter playing in the midst of it all).  In picture two, there’s a monster prop cabinet, two wall hooks with all the photo “flooring”, baskets, lighting gear and one backdrop for shooting set up.

Her hope was to have at least two, hopefully three, shoot areas set up, a small clerical area for her business cards and portfolio, a change table and a clean and neat appearance to it all so it exuded a professional appeal.  Oh and none of the windows could have anything in front or around them.  No big deal.

There was a great deal of sorting, a bit of exiling to the basement and a lot of heavy lifting and cleaning (plus one quick trip to Ikea) but we totally did it!

We took apart a tall shelf to make two smaller shelves and a change table, moved the prop cabinet to the opposite wall, took down one of the wall hangers of material, set up a second shoot area and organized all the baskets of props she had to make room for more in them so there was less around the room.

We only spent about $50 on some velcro stripping, a magnet board, some grippy drawer liner and a magazine file for the wall and her studio looks amazing now.

After1  photo 5_new


There’s three shooting areas, lots of natural light, a change table, room for her to work and all her props are in easy reach, sorted and labelled.  She’s booking up fast and is ready to put this new studio to good use!  Take a look at some of her work, she’s incredibly creative and talented, make sure you visit her Facebook page and like her work!  If you’d like to setup and appointment, check out her website,, and contact her.

babyL&L   FamL&L

fallL&L   boyL&L

She’s got a Christmas special on right now as well so if you like what you see, contact her and book a session because she’s filling up fast.


If there’s a room in your house you absolutely despise, make the time and get in there to clean it out.  Goodwill is always a great place to drop off your unwanted, not-used-in-years items so someone else can make good use of them and the feeling you’ll get when you’re done is like none other (in my opinion).

Love and inspiration to you all!  Kim.


2 thoughts on “Organization = Total Fulfillment

  1. Kimberly Ducherer you made me cry today…YOU are so kind and THANKS for doing this for our beautiful daughter in law…SHE gives to everyone and long before it was her business she has been documenting our lives together…We love you both…THANKS for giving always


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