Super Sick Stroganoff

I bet you thought by the title of this post that I’m making a super sick (meaning awesome) beef stroganoff.  You are wrong.  I’m sick and this is super sick (meaning me) stroganoff.

I had bronchitis for the past two weeks and I’m just on the mend from that when I get a sinus infection.  Feels like my head is going to explode.  The worst part about getting sick is trying to figure out how to get better since our health care system is so busy; it’s hard to get in to see a doctor.  By the time you get an appointment you’re either on your death-bed or you’ve passed it on to some other poor sucker and rid yourself of it.  Our health care system needs a health care system but that’s another story entirely.  I don’t want to piss anyone off so I’ll steer clear of that topic.

When I get sick, I get dumb so I had to make something SUPER BASIC for supper tonight.  Anything more than 4 ingredients and my wires would have crossed and I’d have had to call the Farmer to pull my Chatty Kathy string again (insert loud nose blow honk and dripping sniffles here).  And don’t expect awesome pics today either.  I barely remembered to take any.

To start, I grabbed a package of ground beef from the freezer because I didn’t feel like digging for stir-fry or stew meat and got it frying with some onions and garlic.


After that I grabbed one of my trusty shaker cups and put the greek yogurt, milk, salt, pepper, beef stock and flour in it and shook, shook, shook my booty.


Two things about this pic, that’s rice in my salt shaker (it keeps the salt from lumping up in the summer) and I used almond milk which is why it looks somewhat off colour.  I had this moment in the grocery store a while ago and I was like “cows milk is mucus forming, I should really start drinking almond milk because there’s less sugar (no lactose) and almost three times the calcium”.  So I pumped myself up about it and brought 4 cartons home.  When I got in the door I could hear this sound but couldn’t figure out what it was.  After I tasted the milk (it tastes nasty by the way) I figured out what the noise was; Angus the God of Farming was laughing his ass off at me.  I’ve loved dairy forever, I have no idea what came over me to purchase almond milk.  Bad decision, moving on.

Anyway, after I added that it thickened right up and I was going to eat it with some egg noods but realised we didn’t have any so I had to make some rice instead.  I ate some carrots to round out the carbs and end of story.  This is what it looks like when it’s cooked.  Kinda like dog food but tastes better, I promise.


Ground Beef Stroganoff

1 pound ground beef, thawed
Half an onion, sliced or chopped – surprise me
1 cup sour cream (I used greek yogurt instead, more protein)
1 cup milk (not almond)
2 tablespoons liquid beef stock or 1 packet powdered beef bouillon
3 tablespoons flour
salt and pepper to taste

I’ma be a rebel and publish this without even proofreading it because I NEED to get in a hot bathtub right meow (achoo).  Peace!  Kim.


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