Mo’ Than Just a Moustache

Whoa.  I had to surface from my batcave for something other than sorting clothes.  What a job that is, I’ve been sitting in the Daughters’ bathroom sorting, folding and packing their clothes to pass on to their cousins this Friday.  It’s a good problem to have but just tiring as hell to deal with every six months.

With fall already here (and winter fast approaching) ’tis the season for switching out clothes.  Also?  Facial hair.  That infamous month for growing a ridiculous moustache in support of a worthy and under-publicized cause is coming up too.  You got it, I’m talking about Movember, that time of the year when the Farmer is congratulated for looking like a porn star for the entire month.

Last week I picked up my mail and sorted past bills, flyers, bills, and bills to find this beauty.  A VIP invitation to the 4th Annual Mo Sista Edmonton Soiree!  I was invited by a friend who sits on the Mo Sistas Edmonton board and whose husband is BIG into Mo’s.

photo 2_new

Pretty slammin’ right?  I’m pumped.

photo 1_new

So do you know what Movember is all about?  If you said no, you need to educate yourself.  It’s not just about the parties, snazzy t-shirts and finger tattoos.  Movember has helped bring awareness to prostate and testicular cancer as well as mens health and mens mental health issues since it was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s now become a global epidemic and over 3 million men and women from 21 countries worldwide participate.

In 2012, 1.1 million people joined the Movember movement and raised over 146.6 million dollars; 42.6 million of that came from Canada alone.  In Canada, those funds went towards programs encompassing awareness and education, staying mentally healthy and living with mental illness, living with [and beyond] cancer and research.  According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, in 2011 prostate cancer accounted for 27% of all mens cancers that were diagnosed; it is the most common cancer affecting men so all those dollars are going towards raising awareness for a worthy cause.

In addition to being the highest rate of cancer in men, Miss Mo’ also informed me that farmers are actually more prone to being diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer because of their increased exposure to chemical fertilizers so I decided to look into that a little deeper.

According to Environment News Service, “exposure to a chemical called Methyl Bromide…found prostate cancer risks were two to four times higher among pesticide applicators than among men who were not exposed to methyl bromide.”  Methyl bromide is a gas used to protect crops from soil-abiding pests and it’s also used to fumigate grain bins and other agricultural storage areas.  The study sample was done in 2003 in North Carolina and Iowa and included 55 332 men who were followed for 4.3 years and were classified as either private pesticide applicators (92%) or commercial pesticide applicators (8%).  The results of the study concluded these men were at a 14 percent greater risk for developing prostate cancer than men that were not exposed to methyl bromide.

Coming from a family of farmers, these are shaky statistics but Movember isn’t just about the Mo’ Bros, it’s all about Mo Sista’s too.  Us ladies do everything the men do except without the moustache.  Anyone that wants to participate needs to check out, read the rules and REGISTER.  You may think it’s just about putting on the grow but there’s stipulations you need to follow to make it legit so whether you want to do it on your own, sign up a team or join an existing team JUST DO IT.  Mo’s unite!

If you’d like to come to the Soiree, you’re welcome to drop in.  Mo Sistas will be gathering at 7pm and Mo Bros can join the party at 9pm.  It’s at Vacancy Hall in E-Town, 10363-104 Street, and you NEED to purchase a ticket in order to attend.  Visit the Mo Sistas Facebook Event Page to get the link.


Get educated, get involved and as of November 1, shave it off and get growing.  Happiness to you all, Kim.


8 thoughts on “Mo’ Than Just a Moustache

  1. WOW! This is amazing. Thank you for writing about Movember and the role of women in this organization. Looking forward to meeting you in person!


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