I Love This Car…

I love this car, it’s my kind of race.  Just driving through these big gates puts a big smile on my face.  It ain’t too far…come as you aaaaaaare.  Mmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm, I love this car.  Okay, okay it’s not quite Toby Keith but it’s pretty clever.

Every year the Pops makes the trek to the Columbia Valley Classics show in Radium, BC with his pals to witness pure awesomeness on wheels.  Last year I started coming with him and this year there were four of us that came down together all with kickass, unique vehicles to show off; The Body Man (aka Budd), Pops, The Metal Man and me.


Friday morning we got up and prepped ourselves for a ride.  To heaven.  How can you do anything but smile ear-to-ear when you’re looking at this scenery?!  Blue skies, sunshine, cool breeze, good tunes – life is good.


Saturday morning we woke up to some heavy fog but that didn’t deter.  Up and in line by 7am, we were waiting with another 300 cars to get onto the driving range.  By 10am there were another 650 cars lined up and by the time all the cars arrived there were around 1000 entries again this year.


There were so many different cars to look at and enjoy and one of our group even took home a Top Ten in Show award.  Can you guess who?

If you guessed the Ogre, you’re right.  The Metal Man custom built this 1955 Chevrolet LCF, which stands for Low Cab Forward, and from the doors forward it’s the original body.  All weekend we heard “it’s gotta be electric” because it’s got a mid-engine inside the cab and all you see under the hood is the radiator.  It’s super entertaining to watch and listen to what people have to say about it.  It’s set on a 1996 Chev one ton chassis with dual rear wheels and it has a 2006 Duramax diesel engine.  The license plate says OHGERRR because it is A BEAST.  It’s truly an amazing truck to see and all weekend long the Metal Man had a fan club following him around asking about it.  He’s a very kind, generous man and a great sport because he answers the same questions over and over and over again always with a smile on his face.


With countless man hours put into it by not only himself but also the Pops, Budd, and a few others it definitely deserved to win that Top Ten in Show award.


The Ogre even met his younger, bigger brother there!  This 1959 LCF belongs to Sundre Contracting; it was very rare to see two at the same show!


The Body Man (aka Budd) brought along his 1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster.  Budd’s wife, the Smoke Show was giving us all lessons on how to polish this weekend – it’s her specialty along with smoking meat on the back of her food truck.  She’s an amazing cook!  Watch for her truck in summer 2014 in and around Sherwood Park and Edmonton; her apricot glazed smoked chicken wings are worth the drive to wherever she is!


This Fleetmaster has a 1995 Camaro LT1 engine, original whitewall tires and wool seat interior and (not surprisingly) an immaculate black paint job.

1946 Fleetmaster

Three of the four of the rods that came with us have been worked on by Budd; he’s THE GUY you need to see if you need a paint job.  His talent is clearly evident in Harriet’s cowl stripes.  You see, I love lace and I had this CRAZY IDEA one night after watching a rod show with the Pops when I was in Arizona that I wanted to get a lace paint job on my roof.  After talking about it with Pops over and over and researching how to do it, we finally decided it would look amazing if we got it in the cowl stripes instead and Budd made that dream a reality for me.  Remember the Wedding post from a few weeks ago where I told you about the vinyl wall art I sell?  That’s what he used as a stencil to paint the design so it’s mirrored perfectly. It is flawless and suits me and my personality exactly.


 I’ve had Harriet since I was 16 and besides her killer new paint job, I put new rims on her this summer too so she is looking extra sexy.  She’s runs on a 350 small block, has a functioning cowl, dual exhaust, a lot of rock chips (what the Pops likes to call “road knowledge”) and a kickass amount of curb appeal.  Just a few of the reasons I LOVE THIS CAR.  Plus, this particular make and model of car has a special place in Papa’s heart which means a lot to me.


So you’ve heard about the Ogre, Budd’s Fleetmaster and Harriet now the only one left is the Golden ’53.  I like to call this the Trojan Horse of hot rods because on the outside it looks like a 1953 Golden Anniversary Mercury M-350 but underneath that hood and beneath that frame, it’s all Chevrolet and Papa wouldn’t have built it any other way.  It’s on a 1991 Chev chassis and runs on a 502 cubic inch engine.  It has a 9 foot grain box which is also really rare to see these days since most M-350’s you come across only have the 8 foot long box.  What’s the most kickass part about this truck?  It’s a 4×4.  Why?  Because it can be.  These hot rods are bitchin’ because they’re all custom built by their owners and they do some of the most unreal things to them just for the fun of it all.


Because this is a Golden Anniversary M-350, all the knobs on the interior are gold plated and before Pops put on his Boss Mags, he also had gold plated center caps on his wheels.  This truck has a special place in my heart too.  It lived in Papa’s shop for years before it was able to hit the road and when it finally hit the road for the first time, we drove it in primer for the first five years.  I can remember coming home from school, finishing my homework, eating supper and heading to the shop to help him work on it.  I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old and I had a pair of coveralls that were seven sizes too big but pair of hands that were able to fit into the tiny spots Papa’s hands couldn’t; the time I got to spend with him down there is time I will never forget.  I loved every minute of it and am so happy we shared it together.  Going to this car show now means so much to me because it’s the common bond we have as Father and Daughter and brings me back to the days we spent in the shop.  How many brides do you know that danced with their Daddy to “Drive” by Alan Jackson for their wedding?  It’s our kind of love and I love that too.


It gets redundant but all these rods are so unique in their own way, they’re each worth checking out to see.  These are only 0.5% of the cars that were there this weekend so it takes a long time to walk through each one and listen to the stories about what makes them each so different.  Back in the days of film cameras you’d need to bring 7 rolls to get all the pics you’d like of everything there.

It truly is an amazing show to check out, the members of the Columbia Valley Classics club do a fantastic job of putting it on every year and since this year was the 24th show, that means next year is THE BIG 2-5!  It’s going to be incredible so if you’re available, you need to check it out.  Even in the rain the spirits of the majority of these car enthusiasts were not dampened but hopefully the sun will be shining at next years event.


Until next year, Tess (my sleepy, neck pillow road companion) and I are homeward bound; welcome back Alberta, see you next September Radium.


Love to you in all you do.  For me it’s the smell of burnt rubber and the sound and touch of a classic engine rumbling, XO, Kim.


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