Sloppy Seconds

So the other night the Farmer comes home and completely massacres my amazing MeatBALLS.  Apparently we don’t share the same love for balls so he obliterated them into the sauce.  I guess he’s more of a sauce guy…who knew?

Anyway, he ate all the noodles I’d cooked because he’s a beast.  He gets mad hungry after being out in the tractor all day so I had some sauce avec mashed meatballs left over.  It went in the fridge and today I ended up being the beast who was mad hungry so I made something SUPER EASY and delicious to get rid of my hunger pains.

Remember that family reunion I mentioned in my Stains post?  At that same reunion the kind, considerate and generous Farmer Sr. bid and bought me a huge basket of fresh garden veg that his cousin picked and put into the live auction.  Among other things, in it was a monster spaghetti squash that I have had sitting as a fixture on my counter for almost a month.  Until this afternoon that is!

Have you ever had spaghetti squash?  It’s amazingly satisfyingly delightful.  You halve them, clean them out, add a little butter, salt and pep, cover with foil and bake for around an hour.  Then when it’s done you dive in and it falls apart just like noodles; it’s natures spaghetti.


I decided I wanted that for lunch today so I cut it in half, cleaned out the seeds and was about to put in my butter, salt and pep when I realised I had that container of amazing sauce leftover in the fridge!  BOOM!  Oh yah, it happened.  I scooped the sauce into each half and covered them with foil.


I then threw it in the oven at 350F for an hour to await its fate.


Once it was done, I peeled back the foil and just smelled the awesomeness.  It was so amazingly good I ate both halves for lunch.  I told you I was hungry like a beast today (although that’s not too uncommon of a meal size for me).


I couldn’t quite convince the youngest Daughter to eat it but the eldest packed it back and loved it.


Leftovers used up?  Check.  Squash eaten?  Check.  Hunger diverted?  Check.  Mission accomplished.  Short and simple is the new black.  Appetite suppression and hugs to you all, Kim.


2 thoughts on “Sloppy Seconds

  1. Like father, like son. He smashes his meatballs too, doesn’t like them either. I guess that’s where the farmer gets it from. Me, like you, likes meatballs too.


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