Stains – My Nemesis.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I cherish my wardrobe; I can’t help it, I’m incredibly vain.  I take care of it better than I take care of the Farmer somedays because if there’s one thing I love to be, it’s fashionable (not to be confused with fashionably late, which I also am a lot).  I have two different sets of clothes and have had since I was a small girl; “school clothes” and “around home clothes”.

Obviously my school clothes have transitioned into “going-out clothes” since I’m not longer in school but I still take care of them immaculately and I HATE GETTING DIRTY IN THEM.  Don’t confuse this with the statement I HATE GETTING DIRTY, they are two different statements altogether.  As seen below, here I am in Mud Hero with my BFF.  This was at the end of the race and I will say that when we crossed the finish line I was told by two separate people I was the cleanest dirty person that had gone through there that day!

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 12.21.14 AM

See?  If I’m in the proper attire, I don’t mind getting dirty at all but when I get dirty in my going-out clothes there’s a foul on the play or as the Farmer’s youngest bro would say “here comes an EMAIL!”

Because of this need to keep things in pristine condition, I also dislike it when the Daughters get their going-out clothes dirty and since they get dirty a lot, they wear a lot of sweatpants.  These two are so precious they’d make a potato sack look good so it doesn’t matter at all but I always figure, why would I put them in a perfect little dress when they’re just going to ruin it in the muck?  They’d look less than perfect in 27 seconds (which doesn’t bother me when they’re in the right attire) so for my own sanity they’re in their around home clothes a lot.  They’re both just starting their preschool days this year and they do wear their fancier duds there so I know this will change as they get older.  But my aversion to stains will not.

Can you imagine what my blood pressure was like when I came across this little monkey at the Farmer’s fam jam reunion this past August?!  AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


This is the youngest Daughter and she found a dirt pile.  And sat in it.  Then poured water in it.  Then rolled in it.  OH MAN.  This is what I did when I found her.  My body language says it all.


Her older sister had a mud fight with a cousin too so for the rest of the weekend, I thought about how I was going to get their clothes clean and luckily I have a few tricks up my sleeve in that department.

For regular stains I will dab on a bit of Shout and let the clothes sit for a few hours but the last time I went looking for it I couldn’t find it so I had to get Resolve Oxi-Action, it seems to be working just as well as Shout so I’m happy there.

And for “Farmer’s fam jam reunion” stains, I soaked the clothes overnight in a bucket of super hot water and…


One Sunlight Oxi-Action dishwashing detergent puck!  Get real, right?!  No, seriously, this has taken out 99.9% of my stains.  The only one I’ve had trouble with lately is grease.  The youngest Daughter (again) dunked her sleeve in a pail of oil when she was working outside with the Farmer and after soaking it with a Sunlight puck overnight, draining, soaking overnight with another puck again, draining and putting through the wash I got most of it out but there’s still a small grey streak left on the shirt sleeve.  But for those stains you got from last night’s Spaghetti and MeatBALLS post, this did the trick!

Take care of your things and they will last you their money’s worth!  Prosperity, cleanliness and much luck in the laundry room to you all!  Kim.


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