Spaghetti and MeatBALLS

So remember that laundry tip post I mentioned a few days ago on the MHTF Facebook wall?  I promise it will go up next because you’re going to need it after you make this supper.  Since the Daughters are adverse to using napkins I have to be stellar good at laundry around this place or a lot of clothes would end up in the trash.

I have always always always been a lover of spaghetti and meatballs.  Not meatsauce, meatballs.  I don’t know what it is but I just really love the twirling, the slurping and the ball part of meatBALLS as opposed to the sauce part of it.  This would have also been an amazing recipe to use of a bunch more of those fresh garden veg, zucchini, carrots, onions, peas, HOWEVER the Farmer is totally opposed to all of those veggies except onions so ours was sans-veg today.

As much as I wanted to make this sauce from scratch, I was feeling a touch lazy today and there was a Costco size jar of Prego in the fridge I had to use up so I just doctored up that sauce a bit and it was actually better than delicious.  Forever I have always liked my spaghetti sauce a little on the sweeter side so I just added a bit of brown sugar, half an onion and a clove of the Farmer’s BFF’s HOME GROWN GARLIC.


If you have never had home grown garlic you do not know what you are missing; store bought garlic is a joke compared to this delicacy.  It has so much flavour and aroma you can’t even bring you hands near your face after putting it through the press otherwise the tears will be a-flowin’.  Look at how much different it looks from that store bought junk too, it’s not even the same colour!  Hit a farmers market or two in your area and look for it then buy 10 bulbs because it keeps a long time too.  We are truly lucky to have such great friends that share their bounty with us every year because if there’s one thing I am incredibly poor at it’s growing plants.  My green thumb is actually black.

So anyway, I put one clove of this garlic through the press and into the sauce with the brown sugar and the onion, turned it on medium and started making my meatballs.


We always pack our meat in larger than normal bags because we have larger than normal appetites.  Ours are about 1.5 pounds per bag so if it looks like there’s more meat than normal in these pics, there is.  I added 3 eggs (one for each half pound of meat) and some crushed up crackers (because I was out of breadcrumbs), salt and pepper and got to mixing with my hands.


Once the meatballs were formed I dropped them into the sauce (which was already at a slow rolling boil), put the lid on and let them cook for another 25 minutes.  This method of cooking the meatballs will seriously make you THE BEST SAUCE ever.  It is so delightfully good when you cook the meat in with it and NO, you don’t get poisoned by doing so.  Look at how amazing it looks!


Lastly, I threw on my pot of boiling salt water and added the noodles.  As much as I love spaghetti with my meatballs, I love clean children more so for the next few years we are eating rotini and fusili instead of spaghetti and linguine.


Spaghetti and MeatBALLS


1L jarred sauce (like Prego or Classico)
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1 clove fresh garlic
1/2 large onion, chopped


1 pound ground beef, thawed
2 eggs
10 crushed soda crackers or 1/2 cup breadcrumbs

salt and pepper to taste

Once everything is done, GET IT IN YOUR GUT!  I will expect to see your notes of thanks in the comments.  Smiles!  Kim.


5 thoughts on “Spaghetti and MeatBALLS

  1. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all this time! I bake my meatballs before I put them in my sauce. I’m going to try this since you assured me I won’t get poisoned. 😉


  2. Kim I feel like you have been spying on me….. I have been saying lately how I should make meatballs because Dex will be in love with them! Perfect timing now I don’t have to search for a good recipe since it landed in my lap:) – Thank you!


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