Once upon a time…

…there was this wedding.   Because these are two people I love very much, they’ve agreed to allow me to share with you some details of their special day.  Today’s posts are all about feeling the love – can you feel it?  Can.  You.  FEEL IT?!


All these pictures are (once again) courtesy of my BFF Ashlee at Love and Laugh Photography.  If you’re having a wedding or a baby or trying to tackle your Farmer for family photos like I have to, you NEED to call her and book yourself an appointment; she is absolutely wonderful.  And you better do it fast because she’s almost booked up to the end of October!

I love weddings.  I love weddings so much I kind of just take them over from whoever will let me.  This kind and beautiful bride let me take over WITH VIRTUALLY FREE REIGN.   That could have been dangerous but I’m also very frugal so it was all under control.  Except when it came to the flowers…the flowers got me.  I get crazy around flowers because they’re SO PRETTY and there were so many kinds and I just couldn’t choose!  So I got all of them and made larger than necessary bouquets and had enough left over to make about 27 boutonnieres for all the other special guests in attendance.  Plus flowers for the tables.  Plus flowers for the venue.  Okay, I went flower crazy, it’s my weakness.  Like the bouquets?  I love them but I’m totally biased.

D&L wedding-4_new

Burlap is something I love using.  It’s cheap and it’s totally my style (and luckily it was theirs too!)  You can get it by the roll at the hardware store for about $10.  We used it all around the reception area as well as for the aisle and I saved the little scraps I had cut off for the boutonnieres and bouquets to tie it all together.  Completely Country Chic.


They wanted this small scale wedding until I got involved (haha suckers!)  It was still small scale but there was enough happiness there to fill a room the size of a hockey arena so the beautiful setting was just a bonus.  Because it was at the Farmer Sr.’s place, we got to have it outside in the gazebo and in order to house all 40 guests, we had to decorate their garage.  Yep, you heard me, this is their garage.  If you knew how many oil changes and engine repairs have been done in there you’d be surprised it looked like this too.  It was definitely the story of the ugly duckling and the beautiful swan.


And what do Farmers eat when they celebrate?  Roast pig, of course.  Among many other talents, the Farmer knows his way around meat and is a kickass, self-taught meat cutter.  We always roast pigs for functions and they’re always a hit.  The Farmer Sr. even designed and built this custom barbeque to cook them in!


This special sign was a great addition as well.  I made it out of an old picture frame that I painted and some vinyl wall art from WordPlay Designs.  I’ve been an Independent Consultant with them for the past five plus years and absolutely LOVE everything about the company, its owner and the product.  It is the most versatile, affordable and beautiful accessory you can utilize around your home.  If you want more information on it feel free to email me at kim@wordplaydesigns.net.


I dug out some Christmas lights and strung them around the ceiling along with a whole lot of paper balloons I got CHEAP from someone that was getting rid of them from their wedding.

D&L wedding-3_new

I also found a large bin of glass containers the Farmer’s Mum kept for making candles and lined them up on the tables with all white candles between bowls of fresh flowers.  I love recycling, making something beautiful for pennies is the best feeling ever!  In the centre of all the tables was one jar filled with sparklers and if anyone wanted the happy couple to kiss they had to stand, tell a story and light up the night with a sparkler.

D&L wedding-2_new

The groom’s son set up a sound system and we all rotated our phones through the DJ position into the early hours of the morning.  You know it’s a good party when there’s a slurpee machine and a popcorn maker in attendance PLUS CUPCAKES!  I’m IN LOVE with this photo.  I went to one of my favourite places, Ikea, and got a few different styles and sizes of white plates.  Then I bought a box of six wine glasses for $4.99 (yes, really), got out my hot glue gun and VOILA, a 5-tier cake stand for under $30!


It truly was the time of their lives and I was so blessed to be one of the lucky ones in attendance. I am proud to share with you two people the Farmer, the Daughters’ and I love very dearly; introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.  All my love you two, Kim.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but are felt in the heart.

Look at their faces, you can see the beginning, the middle and the end of their story in that one look.  What comes next is happily ever after.  Forever and ever.  The End.


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