Get Yourself a BFF

As much as we all love our Farmers, we all need girlfriends too.  You may have noticed I use the term BFF when talking about my girlfriends regardless of which one it is.  You may think I use this term lightly but you could not be farther from the truth.  I actually don’t even like the term BFF all that much (I almost dislike it as much as I dislike LOL, the most overly used, misunderstood techronym in the decade) but as much as I dislike it, I use it because it’s all truth.

I have a few handfuls of BFF’s and yes, I know what you’re thinking.  “WOW, if she’s got handfuls BFF’s, how many FF’s does she have?!”  The answer is zero.  I don’t have many friendly acquaintances because I think if you’re going to choose a friend, why not make it THE BEST FRIEND you can find?

I’ll explain it like this.  If you’ve been dieting for six months and you’re right on track, no cheating the entire time, at the end of the six months when you reach your goal weight are you going to waste your very first morning celebration on a stale donut and a coffee with non-fat creamer?!  (If you said yes, you’re messed up).  My answer is a resounding NO.  I would head to the baked good section and choose a cinnamon bun because they’re just how I like my best girl friends; spicy, warm, sweet and fresh!

I’m not going to turn this into one of those lame chain emails that says you’ll have 19 years of bad luck, kill a puppy on your way home and gain 12 pounds if you don’t forward it, I just want to give you a small piece of life advice that took me a lot of years to figure out on my own so pay attention.

Life is all about choices and if you choose to surround yourself with happy, kind, generous people who you will continually learn and grow from and most importantly appreciate, you WILL go far (and PS – don’t just surround yourself with people like that, BE REAL, LEARN from them and BE THAT PERSON TOO).  Not only will you go far, you will go farther than you ever could alone because sometimes they will be that tall, handsome, stud-like lumberjack that will throw you over their shoulder and carry you across the finish line when you don’t think you can make it anymore.  Except it might be more like dragging you across that finish line and they might bitch and moan a little if you’ve eaten too many cinnamon buns lately.

They’ll invite you for late night guacamole and wine over an episode of BB or ask you to get drunk with them on Christmas Eve when they know they have to cook dinner for 30 people the next morning at 7.  They encourage you to stop “shaving the cat” when you can’t seem to find your motivation.  They’ll scheme about vandalizing a fire hydrant or pour out 32 stale cans of beer so you can take the empties back and get another 12 pack.  When you’re ugly crying during The Hunger Games, they’ll pity cry with you.  They’ll take a little road trip even though you know they hate them or go with you to that doc appointment you just can’t do alone.  They will be that person you know you can count on to show up in the middle of the night with bleach, a shovel and a bottle of vodka when you call them and say “help”; THAT is a true BFF.

The best thing I ever did was start listening to that little voice inside me that would pipe up every now and then when I wasn’t being true to who I was and what I really wanted.  When you’re true to yourself the people around you either accept and embrace you or critique and assimilate you; it’s your choice who you keep around.  Which way is your happy?


WIth love, kindness and respect, Kim.


3 thoughts on “Get Yourself a BFF

  1. I have very few friends and those I do have fit in the real category. I am sure you all know my best friend. She is real, kind and giving, caring and loving and she is always there for me and a whole host of others. One real angel on earth! Do Family count….as if they do I have many many more.


    • I know exactly who you’re talking about 🙂 You can pick your nose but you can’t pick your family so if you’re one of those lucky few that can count your family as your BFF, more power to you Auntie. I’m one of those people too!


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