Cheater Black Forest Cake

A friend of mine has a recipe for LEGIT Black Forest Cake that she says takes her about 2 days to fully complete.  She only makes it once a year for her Hubs because it’s so.  much.  work.  Who has that kind of time more than once a year?!  So for those times you really really want one and you don’t have 2 days, here’s a recipe that is almost as good as 2 day homemade (and definitely better than store-bought) and the best part about it is that I had to do ZERO work to get both the cake and the recipe this time, BONUS!

You know how I acquired this recipe?  I opened up my fridge.  Seriously.  See this red bowl?


It was a mystery bowl to me yesterday AND THEN I opened it (cue angels surrounded by a halo of warm light singing soprano) and inside was a wonderful surprise!


I had no idea how it got there but after talking to the Farmer today, he informed me that another one of his crazy friends dropped it off in the fridge yesterday after he came to help slice bacon.  He obviously has a wonderful wife that is kind and thoughtful or I wouldn’t have this bowl of delight in my fridge.

I talked to her today and she kindly said I could share the recipe with my readers – what a stand-up gal!

She makes a boxed Chocolate cake according to the directions and bakes in two round pans (you could use either 8 or 9 inch), removes and lets cool on the counter all the while beating her sugar-addicted hubs away from them in order to finish the dessert.

She then whips (no, no not her Hubs) 2 cups of whipping cream and adds a magical stiffener called Whip-It by Dr. Oetker found in the baking aisle.  This turns the cream into the consistency of cake icing and makes it easier to work with.  I have never heard of such a thing before but I linked it above and will definitely look for it on my next grocery trip!

Once the cakes cool, turn one onto a plate and layer the stiff cream followed by half a can of cherry pie filling.  Add the second cake on top and repeat the layers – cream and cherry filling.  Done!

This recipe is somewhat similar to a Death by Chocolate recipe I have too.  I should call it something else since it’s not really an accurate title.  I’d have died 137 times if it were true…

Cheater Black Forest Cake

1 box chocolate cake mix of your choice (and the ingredients to get it made)
2 cups whipping cream
1 pkg. Dr. Oetker Whip It plus a little sugar for the cream

1 can cherry pie filling

Cut yourself a monster slice and ENJOY!


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