God gave you hands, make handmade.

So it was another warm day today but at least there was a decent breeze.  I had wonderful night out with my BFF sis-in-law for dinner since the Farmer was busy farming.  Big thanks to the Farmer Sr. and the Farmer’s Mum for watching the Daughters while I was gone.  Sidenote: the eldest Daughter learned to ride her bike tonight with no training wheels!  This is one proud, beaming Mama right here.  Perfect end to a wonderful night out.

Since it was such a beautiful night, we took Harriet into town.  I love driving Harriet, she is my eldest child.   Pure All-American muscle that rumbles and purrs all at the same time, I could listen to her for hours.  If you ever want to get my attention, drive by in a classic because I will always turn my head.  There will be more on Harriet in a few weeks when the Papa and I drive out to BC for our annual car show.  It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to go.


Harriet was made back in a day when there was no such thing as robots.  Human hands pieced together every bolt, wire, panel and piece of chrome; the whole car was made by a lot of proud hands.  I feel that pride driving her because I know there is no one else in the world with this car and no one else in the world with the same connection that I have to it.  To me, the power of handmade is like no other.

That’s why this is one of my favourite sayings.  It’s a nicely done graphic as well by a company called Not Made in China.  I am all about everything it stands for.


Source: Not Made in China

I’m taking a break from recipes today to share with you how easy it is to make a homemade card and save yourself approximately $100 per year.  You all know that when you give someone a store-bought card, after they read it they flip it over to see if the magic “H” word is on the back.  If it’s not there you just got bumped down in the speed-dial order and you know it.  You know what I see when I flip over a store-bought card?  I see the price they asked for it.  That price is RIDICULOUS when they’re so easy to create on your own.  Shall we begin?

Now, I have a crazy amount of supplies but it’s only because I’ve been scrapbooking and making cards for a lot of years so don’t be intimidated.  You can easily make cards with a basic set of 5-10 stamps with 2-3 stamp colours and some buttons from that ugly sweater your Grandma gave you for your birthday last year.


This is my stamp drawer.  It’s got a lot of stuff in it but the majority of the stamps I have (and the ones I used for today’s card) all came from the dollar bin at Michaels beside the checkout counter.

This is my embellishment drawer and I fill it with the most random things.  Buttons, dollar store scrapbook supplies, rick rack, ribbon bits, paper flowers, rhinestone dots.  It’s all stuff that’s easy to grab and use last minute which is what I love.


Start with a box of cards.  Really, it’s called a box of cards and you can find them at most craft/supply stores for $10 for 50 CARDS – that’s only 20 cents per card!  Are you reading my mail?!  That means the markup on retail greeting cards is almost 40 times what it costs to make them.  UNREAL.  Anyway, they come in patterned or plain and always have envelopes with them so you don’t have to worry about cutting the paper the right size and finding an envelope to match.


Funny story about this card I’m going to show you.  I made it especially for my girlfriend for her birthday but it has since disappeared.  I made it, shot it and now have no idea where I put it so she’ll get to check it out here at least and maybe I can give it to her next year if it surfaces.


See how simple and pretty that is?  It literally took me 4 minutes to drum up.  I grabbed two paper flowers, some pearl rhinestone dots, one great stamp for the front and one great stamp for the inside (both were $1.00 at Michaels) and voila!  Done.  I also stamped the back “handmade” because I always do – it’s the “H” word I look for on my cards.


So next time you’re in the market for a greeting card, take a closer look around home before you rush out and throw your hard-earned dollars at store-bought.  I’m a unique person that way so I like to make and give really unique gifts (more posts on those coming soon too!)  It fits my personality well and I know it’ll fit yours too.

Well wishes and happiness your way, Kim.


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