The Farmer’s Fave Taco Salad

So here I go on my maiden blog voyage. I’m nervous and I don’t even have an audience. I’d picture you all in your underwear but I bet at least half of you are already in them so that doesn’t help.

If you haven’t already read my bio, I’m the wife of the Farmer and the Mom to two beautiful little Farmer’s Daughters and we live in the sticks. Our lives are surrounded by tractors, cow poop, sheep, pigeons, guns and a whole lot of crazy fun.  I decided to start a blog for a lot of personal reasons but mainly because I really love my life and want to share it.

So! For my virgin posting I’ve decided to share a recipe because its basic and it was easy to take pictures of. Pardon my amateur photos as well, hopefully as this venture progresses I will become better at it.

It’s the heart of summer here on the prairies and that means veggie harvest! Here’s a recipe for taco salad that our family really loves.  For any of you that know the Farmer, you also know that he may contract scurvy at any time so getting him to eat vegetables is not an easy task.  He loves bowls full of this.

It’s pretty basic, first open the bag of Doritos and eat one.   Next, fry your ground beef and add the taco seasoning.  (In case you’re wondering, that nifty little tool you see in my pan is what I call my “magic meat pounder”.  My good friend gave it to me and it came from a place called Pampered Chef.  Some of you may have heard of it…  Anyway, the Farmer loves it, it’s how I get him to cook).


Once the beef is cooked, set it aside.  Step three – wash your lettuce.  This particular batch came straight from Nana’s garden.  Nana is the Farmer’s Daughters’ Nana obviously.  She’s my Mom and she’s super awesome.


Once the lettuce is washed, tear it up and put it in that large bowl I was talking about.  Eat another Dorito.  Add some shredded cheese, green onions and tomatoes.  That little hand belongs to the youngest Daughter, she was thieving cheese faster than I could shred it and get it in the bowl.


Once that’s all done, add your ground beef and the Catalina Dressing (you could also use Italian if you like something less sweet) and mix it up.  Crush up the Doritos and put them on top.  Then eat another one for good measure.  I love Doritos and so does the Farmer.  Acutally funny story.  On this particular evening, I went for the bag of Doritos and it was MIA so I went outside and asked the Farmer if he’d seen it and he said “I can’t remember” which obviously means he ate them.  This salad almost had Multigrain Tostitos on it but the Farmer called me from the road and said he stopped at the gas station nearby and got a bag so his salad wouldn’t be ruined.


Anyway, the recipe is below, I hope you enjoyed my first post!
The Farmer’s Fave Taco Salad

1 super large bowl
1 pound ground beef (always better when raised on your own dirt)
Package of taco seasoning
A bunch of lettuce
Green Onions
Kraft Catalina dressing
Nacho Doritos

Fry ground beef add taco seasoning and set aside.  Wash and tear up lettuce and add to bowl with shredded cheese, green onions and tomatoes.  Add beef to salad in super large bowl and add Catalina dressing (Italian if you like a tangier taste).  Crush up Doritos and add to top.

Cheers!  Kim.


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